Completed projects


  • Ekaterina Dopiro, Implementing data source latency aware spark scheduling, Semester project
  • Shahnur Isgandarli, Implementing scheduling algorithms for heterogeneous data sources, Summer@EPFL
  • Ergys Dona, Mnemosyne: Caching Proteus Pipelines, Semester Project
  • Marc Jolles, Sortedness aware Index Design, Semester Project


  • Moritz Raho, Implementing RDMA and NUMA aware scale-out scheduling techniques, Master Thesis


  • Doruk Cetin, Micro-architectural Analysis of OLAP DBMSs, Summer@EPFL
  • James Jia, RAW: In-memory Execution Cache, Summer@EPFL
  • Viktor Sanca, Trading performance for flexibility: A use case of spatial indexing in scientific applications, Summer@EPFL
  • Maximilian Czerny, Parallel Bulkloading in Multi-dimensional Indexing, Master Thesis
  • Antonis Anagnostou, Implementing Updates over Slalom and Demo, Summer@EPFL
  • Junge Bao, Implementing Improved Updates using GPU calculationof hashes, Semester Project


  • Stella Giannakopoulou, Large-scale Data Cleaning with Spark, PhD Project, Fall 2015
  • Julien Ribon, Parallel Query Processing for ViDa, PhD Project, Fall 2015
  • Utku Sirin, Energy Efficiency Analysis of In-memory Database Systems, PhD Project, Spring 2015
  • Fabien Schmitt, BrainExpO: iPad application for interactive exploration of spatial brain data, Master Project, Spring 2015


  • Utku Sirin, Microarchitectural Analysis of In-Memory Database Systems, PhD Project, Fall 2014
  • David Cervini, Applying hardware transactional memory to Shore-MT, Semester Project, Spring 2014


  • Manolis Karpathiotakis, An Adaptive Query Service for in Situ Querying, PhD Project, Spring 2013
  • Romain Poiffaut, MapReduce-based Spatial Join, Semester Project, Spring 2013
  • Matthaios-Alexandros Olma, In-Memory Spatial Indexing for Earthquake Simulations, Master’s Project, Spring 2013
  • Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou, Efficient Time Series Indexing through Quadtree-based Compression, Internship Project, Spring 2013
  • Deniz Taneli, Parallel Multi-query Processing in NoDB, Spring 2013


  • Manolis Karpathiotakis, Adaptive, on-the-fly querying over raw data repositories, PhD Project, Fall 2012
  • Stylianos Stylianou, In-memory positional map for hierarchical data, PhD Project, Fall 2012
  • Ivo Kanchev Dimitrov, Extending the open source database SciDB with incremental data loading
    , PhD Project, Fall 2012
  • Bao Duy Tran, Metadata Front-end for Shore-MT Storage Manager, Semester Project, Fall 2012
  • Mirjana Pavlovic, Joining Spatial Datasets with Contrasting Density, Internship Project, Fall 2012
  • Farzaneh Mahdisoltani, Implementation of CH-benchmark over Shore-MT, Internship Project, Summer 2012
  • Iraklis Psaroudakis,On-line prediction for work sharing in staged databases, PhD Project, Spring 2012
  • Andrii Vozniuk,Optimizing Scheduling in Changing Heterogeneous Environments,
    PhD Project, Spring 2012


  • Iraklis Psaroudakis, Pipelined and staged execution for star-queries, PhD Project, Fall 2011
  • Andrii Vozniuk, Efficient Spatial Joins on Disk, PhD Project, Fall 2011
  • Xuedong Jin, Implementation and analysis of SSB over QPipe, Semester Project, Fall 2011
  • Andreas Schadeli, Implementation and analysis of TPCH over QPipe, Semester Project, Fall 2011
  • Nastaran Nikparto, Implementation and analysis of TPCH over Shore-MT, Internship Project, Summer 2011
  • Chinh Nguyen, Database to File System InterfaceInternship Project, Summer 2011
  • Renata Borovica, Physical Database Designers: How accurate are they?, PhD Project, Spring 2011
  • Danica Porobic, Optimizing DBMS architecture for running OLTP workloads on multisocket multicores, PhD Project, Spring 2011


  • Farhan Tauheed, Efficient Disk Layout for Visualization QueriesPhD Project, Fall 2010
  • Renata Borovica, Physical Database Designers: A Comparison of RobustnessPhD Project, Fall 2010 [Project Description]
  • Teodor Macicas, Massively Parallel Spatial Indexing, Internship Project, Fall 2010 [Project Description]
  • Danica Porobic, Evaluation of OLTP deployments in multisocket multicoresPhD Project, Fall 2010 [Project Description]
  • Anka Alexandrescu, Evaluating Column-based Database for Scientific Data Management Systems, Internship Project, Summer 2010
  • Dimitris Karampinas, Tools for transforming concurrency into parallelism, Internship Project, Summer 2010, [Project Description]
  • Sofia Kyriakopoulou, Parameter estimation of price-demand model for cloud data services, Semester Project, Spring 2010 [Project Report]
  • Ioannis Alagiannis, An Automated, Yet Interactive and Portable DB Designer, PhD Project, Spring 2010 [Project Report]
  • Adrian Popescu, Adaptive Query Execution for Data Management in the CloudPhD Project, Spring 2010 [Project Report]


  • Farhan Tauheed, Indexing the Neural StructurePhD Project, Fall 2009, [Project Description]
  • Adrian PopescuBuilding Infrastructure for Data Management in the Cloud, PhD Project, Fall 2009 [Project Description]
  • Ioannis Alagiannis, Automated Physical Design for Scientific Workloads, PhD Project, Fall 2009 [Project Description]
  • Manos Athanassoulis, Analyzing Flash Devices as secondary storage for Database systemsPhD Project, Spring 2009
  • Mark Brightwell, Data acquisition statistics for Technical Infrastructure Monitoring system, Master’s Project, Spring 2009 [Project Description]


  • Manos Athanassoulis, Early Lock Release, PhD Project, Fall 2008
  • Joël Israël, Critical analysis of softwares and databases used in mouse research Master’s Project, Spring 2008